Doors Alive is dedicated to delivering the most accurate recreation of a live Doors performance that you have ever seen. From the dramatic to the eerie, the jazz influences to the straight up rock and roll, you are guaranteed to be astounded. The band takes control of every room, whether it be a nightclub,concert arena, private event or outdoor festival. Doors Alive is a must see for fans of the original band as well as music lovers intrigued by the mystique that made Jim Morrison and The Doors one of the greatest band in history

Upcoming Shows

Saturday September 3rd

Crazy Uncle Mike’s

8:00 pm

6450 N Federal Hwy

Boca Raton, Florida


Friday September 16th

Revolution Live

7:00 pm

100 SW Third Ave

Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Sunday November 13th

Terra Fermatta

10th Year Anniversary Party

8:00 – 10:00 pm

26 SE Sixth Street

Stuart, Florida


Sunday November 27th


1:00 – 4:00 pm

Stuart, Florida


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Dirk Gilbert captures Jim Morrison with his powerful bluesy style and commanding stage presence…All eyes are on Dirk as he executes with intensity…You will be amazed
Larry Kayne a dynamic and tasteful guitar player evokes the tone and feel of Robbie Krueger’s jazzy chord voicing and mesmerizing extended solos
Michael Sean White pounds out precise drum rhythms, blending rock and jazz like John Densmore in his prime
Ron Wood at the piano and organ delivers with the skill and virtuosity of Ray Manzarek
Byron Buntin on bass, solidifies the foundation of Doors Alive

…Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin

Song List:

LA Woman

Hello I Love You

Light My Fire

Break On Through

Riders On The Storm

When Your Strange

Love Me Two Times

Touch Me

Love Her Madly

Soul Kitchen

Back Door Man

Five To One

Crystal Ship

Music’s Over

Strange Days

Roadhouse Blues

Alabama Song

Peace Frog

20th Century Fox

Taxas Radio

Not to Touch the Earth

Back Door Man